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EVM Layer 1 Blockchain

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Blockchains are littered with sophisticated scams, hacks and rug pulls, putting your crypto at risk.

It's time your blockchain protects you from getting REKT.

Haven1 Passport

Verified access for users & builders, ensuring trust while maintaining anonymous transactions & privacy

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A SafeHaven Council

7 Reputable global validators ensuring security & scalability, only allowing double-audited smart contracts

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Network Watch

24/7 AI-powered threat monitoring & proactive defenses for network & wallet protection

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Liquidity Sourcing

AI-enhanced liquidity sourcing tech pulls, aggregates and filters hundreds of liquidity sources for seamless trading & optimal prices in hApps.

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Liquidity Optimization

AI-powered bots dynamically adjust incentives for consistently deep, clean & reliable liquidity

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Community Owned DeFi

Concentrated Liquidity across Swap, Lend & Perpetuals governed by the community for maximum value

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A Fortified SafeHaven

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For you

The Haven1 App Store is your blockchain Safe Haven. Swap, lend, borrow, dive into derivatives, stake H1 tokens, and more — all with the security and deep liquidity you crave

  • User controlled Identity

  • No front-running & MEV-free

  • All hApps are verified & double audited

  • Private key theft protected by 2FA

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For Developers

Enjoy full control, predictable revenues, and a comprehensive toolkit with flexible fees, high TPS and robust security

  • EVM-compatible

  • Ring-fence your hApp based on user data

  • Generate revenue with our unique application fees

  • Apply for a grant to fund your hApp

  • Co-marketing and sponsorship opportunities

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A user-friendly, SafeHaven blockchain meticulously designed to protect you from onchain scams, hacks and rug pulls.

  • 10% of network fees go to network coverage

  • Free wallet rebalancing

  • Every smart contract is double audited

  • Deep, clean liquidity from 100's of vetted sources

  • 24/7 AI-powered threat detection & prevention

  • Built-in multisig self-custody & onchain 2FA

Secure hApp Store

Interact with secure hApps or deploy your own

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Whether you’re a developer, researcher or blockchain enthusiast, join Haven1’s vigilant and vibrant community to help us build a new crypto movement free of hacks, scams and rug pulls